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来自Summit Business Media (SBM) 的招聘文,描述了前端开发高级工程师的工作职责和岗位要求。

Lead Front End Web Developer


Summit Business Media (SBM) is seeking a Lead Front End Developer who will manage Summit’s client side architecture as well as a team of frontend developers. The Lead Frontend Developer will work closely with design, backend, infrastructure, and project management teams to deliver engaging applications which serve SBM’s business needs. This position will be based in Summit’s Hoboken office.


• Deliver standards-based client-side applications for both web and mobile platforms using Javascript, AJAX, and JSON
• Grow team productivity through mentorship and education
• Establish best practices and coding standards for client-side architecture
• Manage the production of clean, standards-compliant, semantic HTML and CSS from static designer assets
• Test and debug new and existing frontend implementations across a variety of browsers and platforms
• Assess projects and document interface dependencies, including the identification of necessary service APIs
• Accurately estimate duration and effort required to complete development tasks
• Demonstrate a proactive approach to mitigate risks, efficiently improve quality, and resolve issues as they occur
• Seek out practices and opportunities to enhance team productivity
• Proactively stabilize, automate, and optimize the application environment


• Passion for development using open web technologies
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Good analytical skills with a proven track record of successful web application development
• Expert knowledge of emerging web standards and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript 5, including familiarity with associated spec documents
• Expert knowledge of common browser compatibility issues and experience testing and debugging them
• Strong knowledge of front end web performance best practices
• Strong knowledge of client side development using service APIs
• Strong knowledge of jQuery and jQuery plugin development
• Familiarity with version control (preferably SVN or Git)
• Experience implementing mobile designs and testing UIs on various mobile devices
• Experience working with CMS templates
• Ability to manage own time in a productive manner with limited supervision
• Ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams including designers, developers, infrastructure teams, project managers and internal customers

Any of the following is a plus:

• Active open source development and participation (Github, SourceForge, etc)
• Familiarity with working in an agile development environment
• Experience with libraries/frameworks such as Modernizr, Backbone, Bootstrap, Raphael, and Node.js
• Experience with progressive enhancement and accessibility best practices
• Experience using CSS pre-processors (LESS, Stylus, or Sass)
• Experience merging code branches
• Interest in User Experience

The minimum level of education and experience required to perform the job, including any specialized knowledge, license, etc.

• Bachelor’s degree.
• 4-7 years of experience building standards-based websites or applications
• Previous experience working in an online media company is a plus.


来自 Instagram 的招聘启事

Front-end Engineer

We are looking for front-end web engineers that can help us build a compelling web presence while maintaining simplicity and usability. You should be able to think critically about a problem, evaluate the solution set, and be able to pick the right course of development given the set of constraints while adopting appropriate technologies to solve technical challenges.

What will you be doing?
From day one, you will be contributing to the future of Instagram on the web. While in the past we have primarily been a mobile company, the web is becoming an ever-increasingly important part of what we are and what we do. You will be working closely together with our designers and engineers to continually improve our web experience.

Our web products are built with Python, Django and Backbone.js. Our CSS gets pre-processed by Sass. Experience with these technologies is not necessary, but willingness and excitement to learn them is!

Information and Requirements
A college degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Design or similar field.
A scrappy, entrepreneurial attitude that gets high-quality projects done quickly.
Deep understanding, familiarity and skill with programming for the web.
The ability to pick up new programming languages very quickly. Experience and familiarity with Python is a plus, but not required.
A demonstrated history of intellectual and entrepreneurial exploration.
Be able to write elegant, readable, and well-documented code.
The ability to construct solid, structured mark-up as well as writing and working with efficient, flexible and reusable stylesheets is preferred.
This job is currently located in South Park, San Francisco — though candidates should note that given the pending acquisition by Facebook, the job will likely be located more permanently in Menlo Park pending transaction completion. Being able to work in Menlo Park at Facebook headquarters is a requirement.


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